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Angies List Stock Price Chart

The news that IAC’s Home Advisor is merging with Angie’s List to form a new public company is both surprising and not all that surprising. In InsiderPages’ early days, we considered Angie’s List one of our top competitors but we were always baffled why anyone would pay to get access to their members’ reviews, particularly […]

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one billion dollars dr evil

Gannett’s announcement yesterday that its ReachLocal division has acquired SweetIQ really pissed me off in that the day after Yext’s* IPO I had a great conversation with a Local vet where I predicted that the success of the IPO would set off a wave a M&A in the Local Marketing Tech sector and damned if […]

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Is It Safe Marathon Man Dentist

At this late date, if you are not taking care of your local listings on the Web when you move your business, congratulate yourself for being royally out of touch with how business works in 2017. Last week I headed over to my dentist, Home Page DDS, for a cleaning and on the way recalled […]

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Pet Store Local Pack

The 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors, a survey of Local SEO professionals on what they think it takes to rank in local search, was just released at MozCon Local/Local U. Andrew and I both love participating in the survey, as it’s a chance to see what the Local SEO hive mind is thinking. I highly […]

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Yext Financial Statements S1A

Warning: I am not a financial analyst, but I play one on this blog Yext* has updated its S-1 filing to include more detail on its revenue and other aspects of its business in the run-up to its pending IPO.  Since we’re all interested, I figured I’d provide some summary info. Some of the key […]

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As the news of Yext’s S-1 filing in advance of its IPO makes it way throughout the Search industry, I can’t help but think that it will be a seminal event in the annals of Local Search. I’ll leave it to others to pore through the S-1 and pick it apart, and it appears there is plenty […]

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It’s been a while since I did the old “Local SEO Predictions” thing, but 2016 is indeed a year of oddities. For some lengthier thoughts check out my latest column on SEL: Can SEOs Make Local Search Great Again in 2017? Or just check out this tweet by Max which pretty much says all that […]

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Wix has helped millions of small business owners create a stunning online presence and is proud of their sites’ SEO capabilities. So proud, in fact, that Wix has offered $50,000 to anyone who can outrank them in Google for “SEO hero”. In honor of Wix’s SEO Hero contest we have put together a collection of some […]

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Mr Creasote

The Google My Business Help blog now says you can add a menu to your GMB listing via the API according to the new menu guidelines for Google My Business. According to the guidelines, there are two kinds of menus:

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Google Chicken

Jen Slegg’s post on Google’s Updated Site Move Recommendations for Webmasters is timely in that we are working on multiple large domain migrations at moment – tis the season I guess. As I have often said, redesigning a website and migrating the domain at the same time is the SEO equivalent of diamond cutting. There are […]

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Today at State of Search Yext’s Christian Ward mentioned this result from “the world’s largest correlation engine”. Kind of says it all: BTW super-impressed with this year’s State of Search. It always was a great conference but it has grown up big time. Kudos to DFWSEM.

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Chasing The Dragon

Yesterday I had a call with a start-up client whose SEO has been performing quite well. Since July, their organic traffic had grown by almost 700%, but growth had slowed most likely because of some site updates that screwed up their SEO (note to client – check with your SEO before you update the site). […]

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My SEL post, When Going HTTPS Don’t Forget About Local Citations, spurred a minor tempest in a tweetstorm, when a reader asked Googler’s John Mueller and Gary Ilyes for their thoughts. As you can see below John emphasized that “you don’t lose PR with 301s”: John was likely referencing this section of my post:

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Apple Maps Hot Dog

There’s not much published on the Web about how to rank well in Apple Maps. While the nature of a mobile map result makes “ranking” sort of an ephemeral thing – the order & radius of results will vary depending on the searcher’s physical location – there are a factors that seem to most positively […]

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Penguin Indexation

When Google’s Penguin 4.0 update was announced on September 23rd, one of our clients had a number of key pages on its site get deindexed. Their site certainly had several technical SEO, usability and other issues, but I’d hardly classify it is “webspam” which is what Penguin purported to target. Of course as soon as the deindexation […]

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Best Buy Pleasanton

Update: As usual Professor Maps found this one a while ago…#doh! Looks like we’ve got another candidate for Mike’s Summary of Recent Local Pack Tests: a set of three local “swipe-shows” of businesses in categories related to a searched brand appearing at the bottom of the SERP (Dan is calling them the “3-Headed Snake of […]

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Is your store locator a crazed bastard stepchild? Some more evidence that Possum|Platypus|Patagonia|Loren Baker was the “near me” update. We just discovered that the store locator page on one of our clients’ sites was deindexed by Google about two weeks ago. There was nothing “technical” that would have caused Google to do this (i.e. no noindex […]

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hot legs near me

Local SEO strategies targeting “near me” queries in the Local Organic section of the SERPs (the non-Local-Pack/Map results) have been kind of a thing for a few years what with Google making it a default suggestion for most queries it considers even remotely “Local”: While SEOs have been studying the effect of the latest update on […]

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Apple Maps SEO Sad!

Kind of big news in Apple Maps land. 9to5Mac reports that Apple Maps now has public web pages for some Points of Interest and Landmarks. And if these URLs are public, that means they’re indexed in Google, or at least some of them are:                       […]

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