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A NodeJS Script for Accessing the Google Search Console API

One of the biggest challenges for SEOs is Google itself. The black box of Google, as Dan described it to me early on at my time at LSG, limits its displayed metrics in Google Search Console to representative calculations. Google causes even more SEO indigestion when you try to claw out a site’s historical performance from these tools and you run into the, now defunct, 90-day limits for GSC queries data. It gets even worse when you’re trying to compare dozens of sites you manage that target the same niche. If you know where this is going (which is a NodeJS script that connects to the GSC API and downloads all the analytics data for each site managed by a single Google account), feel free to skip down to the bottom. If you’re unsure of why this might be useful or what kind of day-to-day work this might replace, read on! Read On…

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