A case study on how we helped Reciprocity go from $2M to $20M!

“Local SEO Guide identified low-hanging fruit in terms of the content that we need to prioritize and publish, which has translated to over 100,000 unique visitors a month. Now, Reciprocity’s SEO program is the largest driver of any program within the company and has been for the last three years running. SEO has been critical to the growth of the business. Dan, Amy, Nick, Trina, and the team are some of the smartest folks I’ve ever met in SEO.”

Let’s start with what matters: The RESULTS

  • 11:1 ROI on SEO program – yes, for real.
  • 900% increase in ARR, from $2M to $20M – & yeah, we tracked that.
  • 52% of all net new revenue from SEO program – from an SEO program!? Yes, here’s how:

Reciprocity Logo - LSGWhen risk mitigation and management solution Reciprocity needed to get in front of competitive threats of its own in the online space, Local SEO Guide delivered with a winning strategy and managed services.

Lackluster Online Visibility Makes for Risky Business

Despite its standing among loyal clients since it was founded in 2009, Reciprocity had the online visibility of a brand new startup in 2017. Seeking a high ROI and yield program to drive demos and sign-ups, they needed a partner to both create and execute a data-backed strategy.

Reciprocity needed fresh ideas for driving more organic traffic and converting prospects to customers in the GRC software industry, where there’s just not a lot of search volume lower in the funnel.

The Solution: A Strategy Guided by Data, Executed by SEO Experts

Local SEO Guide built a custom dashboard to analyze and activate Reciprocity’s valuable cache of insightful data. From there, LSG’s experienced SEO strategists devised a multifaceted plan of action to tailor Reciprocity’s content to the sales funnel, tie organic search to leads, and drive annual recurring revenue upward:

1. Technical Audit

LSG identified opportunities to improve Reciprocity’s search crawlability, site architecture, and site speed.

2. SEO Content Strategy

LSG created a plan to position the Reciprocity team as topical authorities and trustworthy industry experts, to benefit both the brand’s reputation and its visibility in relevant search results.

3. Link Building

LSG launched a targeted link building campaign as part of its ongoing managed SEO services to support Reciprocity’s search goals and maximize the value of its content investments.

4. Editorial Support

LSG advised Reciprocity’s editorial team in the creation and management of a smooth, seamless content workflow to ensure all writing and editing, internal linking, and on-page optimization opportunities were capitalized upon. 

SEO Business Intelligence & Managed Services Drives +900% ARR & More

“When we first enlisted the Local SEO Guide team, Reciprocity was doing $2 million in ARR. Less than five years in, they’re doing over $23 million this year and we can tell that at least 40% of all revenue is driven by SEO-related leads. — Ben Lack, CEO of Interrupt Media”

As a result of Local SEO Guide’s custom strategy, Reciprocity’s search visibility increased dramatically and as of April 2021, the brand had 24,599 keywords ranking on Google’s first page of results.

Reciprocity is now able to produce top-quality content at scale and published over 200 articles and 10 long-form expert guides in 2019 alone.

Greater online visibility and increased rankings are essential steps in pursuit of the real value of a successful SEO program — measurable business results. To that end, Reciprocity saw organic traffic from Google more than double in the period from November 2019 to June 2021:

Specifically, these gains drove:

  • 100.5% more clicks

  • 110% more search impressions 

With its emphasis on publishing and promoting top-quality content and the support of LSG’s editorial and SEO resources, Reciprocity has been able to earn 1,768 backlinks to date. This robust links profile demonstrates authoritativeness and credibility to Google, which in turn supports higher rankings on relevant terms. 

In the same way that a smart investment drives compound interest, the value of a successful SEO program increases over time. Reciprocity’s organic traffic doubled again from January 2020 through June 2021, even despite the chaos the global pandemic wreaked on the business world.Today, 75% of all site traffic comes from organic search. Importantly, the traffic and leads being generated are laser-focused; LSG’s custom reporting dashboard enables Reciprocity to see exactly which business categories are attracting search views and clicks.

Over the five-year life of the program, Reciprocity’s annual recurring revenue has grown 900%

Its SEO program accounted for 52% of all net new revenue from Q3 2020 to Q2 2021 and now boasts an 11:1 return on investment. More than 40% of all revenue is driven from SEO-related leads.

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