What’s With The New Site?

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by andrewsho
Check Out Our New Site!

You may have noticed this big honking new LSGSEO logo in the middle of the homepage. I thought it might merit an explanation.

A few years ago, some of the team felt strongly that calling ourselves “Local” SEO Guide made it seem like all we did was Local SEO and was confusing and put people off. The truth was that about 50% of our clients have always come from non-“Local” clients – eCommerce, Media, B2B SaaS, etc. The team also hated the logo. They felt it was “old fashioned” and “dorky”.

That made me smile, because that was exactly the intent.

When we designed it like 10 years ago, the idea was to signal we were like your friendly, trusted neighborhood mechanic. I think it worked for our mostly Boomer clients, but that was then, and now we’re working with a lot of Millennial types and I guess Uncle Joe’s SEO & Brew is not the right vibe.

Also, pretty much every client immediately forgets our name as soon as they sign the deal. To them, we’re “Local SEO,” or just “Local,” or sometimes “LSG.”

So we decided to give ourselves a fresh new look, make things easy for everyone, and pseudo-rebrand as LSGSEO.

I say “pseudo” because as you can see, LocalSEOGuide.com is still kicking.

You’ll notice now any link on this site related to our SEO services now goes to LSGSEO.com. The goal with this site is to over time turn it truly into a Local SEO Guide. I mean we have the exact-match domain name, and a fair amount of content, but we have definitely suffered from cobblers’ shoes syndrome. The past 18 years I guess we’ve had the good fortune of being too busy to really turn this site into what it should have been.

We’ll get there.

In the meantime, if you need some Local, or non-Local SEO help, I hear this company LSGSEO is pretty good…


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