Technical SEO Consulting

Obsessive Technical SEO Audits & Consulting

Actionable, Prioritized, & Ready for Your Project Management System

Technical SEO audits have become something of a commodity.

80% of the issues can typically be discovered by using one of the dozens of SEO tools. The challenge, particularly for those with large, complex sites, is the 20% of the issues that can’t be solved by pushing a button and sending you a pdf report with our logo on it, which is exactly how LSG can help you.

We have over 16+ years of figuring out the weird, “we’ve never seen this before” and “we don’t know how to fix this” kind of stuff. Working with LSG on your technical SEO means that you get:

  • Experience and expertise
  • Advanced technical techniques
  • Customized strategies
  • Transparent and comprehensive reporting
  • Support from our team
  • Proven results
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“The best technical SEO audits display a near-manic obsession for both finding needles in haystacks and ruthless prioritization, while speaking in a language both marketers and developers can easily understand.”

Ongoing Technical SEO Consulting

Once you have fixed SEO issues on your website, the most common cause of losses in search engine traffic is breaking your SEO again. LSG provides ongoing technical SEO consulting to prevent you from shooting yourself in the foot. We will provide SEO requirements for new features, test them before you push them live, then retest them once they are live to catch any bugs.

We want you to keep your feet.

Hourly Technical SEO Consulting

For those businesses that do not update their website regularly, LSG offers ad-hoc hourly technical SEO consulting. Find out about our pricing here.

Every LSG technical SEO audit includes:

  • Issues prioritized by urgency (P0, P1, or P2)
  • User stories, acceptance criteria, examples, and reference material for each issue identified
  • Issues listed in a Google Sheet or entered directly into your project management system
  • RICE model estimates of “bang for the buck” for each issue
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LSG consulted with CrunchBase on a major site migration that threatened to destabilize their flow of organic traffic. We were able to maintain and grow their search traffic following the site relaunch.

Rotten Tomatoes

We’ve helped Rotten Tomatoes create and implement their SEO strategy, giving them more search visibility and boost organic traffic.


We helped AutoNation tap into local search intent and features to outperform well-established listings websites and gain local market share.

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