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LSG consulted with CrunchBase on a major site migration that threatened to destabilize their flow of organic traffic. We were able to maintain and grow their search traffic following the site relaunch.

Crunchbase Case Study

Primary SEO Goal: Maintain organic traffic during site migration

About Crunchbase

Crunchbase is a platform that launched in May 2007 for finding business information about both private and public companies. Crunchbase compiles enterprise information including funding, investors, founding members, business leadership, as well as business industry news.

Why they hired us

Crunchbase was undergoing a major website redesign in the fall of 2017. They had decided to rebuild their website in an AngularJS framework. This was a new framework, at the time, and the change would rework both the front and back ends of the platform. With millions of URLs, composed of directory pages, news, and research products, Crunchbase needed to ensure its redesign wouldn’t hurt rankings.
The scale of change caused concern over their ability for them to maintain high levels of site traffic as the business depended on organic traffic coming from Google search. In short, the business relied on SEO and so they called in LSG to help ensure a smooth transition.

What we did

LSG provided a technical redesign consult on Crunchbase’s new website layout and provided a roadmap to avoid potential pitfalls. LSG reviewed the proposed changes to get Crunchbase the insight they needed to maintain business as usual.


Initial SEO Audit & Pre-development SEO Consulting

LSG reviewed the planned directives to get Crunchbase the insight they needed so they could understand how AngularJS would affect’s responsive redesign. This allowed them to proactively negate SEO issues before they could become large-scale problems.


Implementation and SEO Validation

We also provide guidance in prioritizing SEO tasks and LSG assisted Crunchbase by performing HTML validation on their development servers.


Post-development Ongoing SEO Consulting

LSG not only helped Crunchbase identify trouble areas and points where they could have issues beforehand LSG also helped Crunchbase monitor changes after they went live to ensure continuity in performance.

Measurable Business Results

The participation and guidance provided by LSG ensured Crunchbase didn’t lose traffic and continued to gain even more new, unique users through SEO. The following business results demonstrate the effectiveness of Crunchbase’s SEO program.

  • Within 7 months of the site relaunch, traffic had already increased by 63.87%
  • 347.02% increase in ranking keywords in positions 1-10
  • 23% YOY growth Sept 2017 – Dec 2017 compared to the same period in 2016


Today Crunchbase’s domain is ranking in positions 1-10 in over 2,100,985 organic keywords. In June of 2017, when Local SEO guide was brought in to consult they ranked for 469,997 Keywords in positions 1-10. This marks a 347.02% increase!

Crunchbase - Organic Keywords results graph

Organic Traffic

Following Crunchbase’s launch of its redesigned website, it saw a 117.57% increase in traffic from November 2017 to March 2022.

Crunchbase - Organic Traffic results graph