Andrew Shotland


Andrew founded LSG in 2006 after selling his not-quite-multi-billion-dollar start-up, InsiderPages, to CitySearch. Previously, Andrew was GM of where he pioneered integrating Internet and TV programming back when it was weird to see URLs on TV. Andrew is a co-founder and board member of, the association of Bay Area SEO professionals. He is also an advisor to several start-ups including The Vendry and SureFire Local.

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Karl Kleinschmidt

VP of SEO Strategy


Bryan Heckler

Director, Technical Operations

Often has to ask for clarification when attending comedy clubs, Bryan grew up in a small farming community in the Midwest and discovered local SEO in 2010. When not in front of a screen helping clients pull rank, you can find Bryan kickin’ it with his wife and 2 dogs, hucking it down a snowy mountain or taking things apart to see how they tick.

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Olivia Hormoz

Head of HR


Tessa Voecks

Director, Product Management

Tessa is has been a proud SEO nerd since 2013. She most enjoys problem solving, creating efficiencies, and being a part of a client’s success. When not doing all the SEO things, Tessa enjoys spending time with her family and giant cat Greg, shopping, sipping coffee, and being any where near water.

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Nikolas Wright

Director, Content

Nik joined Local SEO Guide in 2019 after making the move from journalism to content strategy. With a knack for words, Nik ensures all our t’s are dotted and i’s are crossed. A Cleveland native, Nik lives with his wife in NorCal where you can find him on a mountain bike or behind a drum set.

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Alison Enzinna

Senior SEO Consultant

Ali started as a digital marketing specialist where she began a love affair with keyword research that propelled her on to SEO consulting and content strategy development. She pursues a love for content outside the office by reading and writing creatively and working on an e-cookbook of family recipes she hopes will never be truly finished. Talk to her about octopi, plants, or neuroscience and you’ll have her heart too.


Wesley Anderson

Director of SEO Operations

When SEO came into Wesley’s life in 2015, he quickly found it was fun to explore SEO strategies and he never stopped. Other than exploring SEO strategies, Wesley likes to explore National Parks, fishing ponds, golf courses, frisbees, and North Carolina (where he lives with his wife).


Jess Peck

Engineer, MLOps

Jess started doing development and SEO around the same time: to help promote fan pages for the Sims 2 in 2008. Since then, her interests haven’t changed much. Jess likes Python, JavaScript, and Machine Learning, and talking about Python, JavaScript, and Machine Learning. Based in Boston, Jess likes her cats, coffee, and replaying Fallout New Vegas.

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Celia Fisher

SEO Analyst

Celia is a digital marketer who discovered SEO after looking for new ways to wow her clients in the freelance space. A Georgia native, Celia is a sweet tea addict in love with the Blue Ridge Mountains. In her space time, she dabbles in photography and enjoys contributing her shots to citizen science projects.


Sam Capeheart

SEO Developer Extraordinaire

As a JavaScript engineer with three years of experience as a freelance web developer, Sam creates and maintains software tools for Local SEO Guide. His hobbies include composing music, watching improv comedy, and talking about himself in the third person. He enjoys the great outdoors, the great indoors, and just doors in general.

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Steven Saldana

SEO Analyst

After dreams of a career in journalism and short-lived gigs as a freelance reporter, he discovered the world of SEO. Has worked for large SEMs (Yahoo!) and small agencies focused on local search. Has a strange obsession with GMB support calls and all things local.


Tingbin Huang (aka “Tim”)

Tech Ops

Tim spent 4 years in the US Navy active duty and another 4 years in university to earn a BS degree in Computer Science. Experience with Java, JavaScript, Python, SQL, Postgres, MongoDB, and so on. Tim likes to explore and learn new stuff because he believes the only way to survive or live better in this era is to know more technologies than others. He also like to play mobile games.


Trina Dunn

Content Associate

Trina Dunn has been in the world of content marketing since 2012. As Southern as sweet tea, she enjoys the slow and easy lifestyle in the Upstate of South Carolina. When she’s not editing content, she spends her time drawing, writing, or exploring local nature preserves with her son and husband.


Kelsey Paul

SEO Analyst

Kelsey Stumbled into the world of SEO by accident but quickly found a love for all things digital marketing. An Indiana native, she enjoys spending time trying to find the perfect cup of coffee, hanging out with her cat, and exploring local breweries.


Bria Poullard

SEO Analyst

Bria joined the SEO world 3 years ago and has a love for creating strategies and solving citations issues. During her free time, you can find Bria at local festivals, binge watching reality TV, and brunching on vacation.


Bianca Crouse

Web Intelligence Analyst

Bianca is an SEO and data nerd from the Pacific Northwest. When she isn’t analyzing websites, she’s most likely obsessing over her house plants, reading advice columns, or playing with her cat.


Meghan Walker

Content Strategist

Meghan started her content career in journalism, reporting for public radio in Seattle and moving to magazine editing for an outdoors magazine in New Zealand. She started working with LSG in early 2020 as a copywriter and editor, and officially joined the team as a content strategist in late 2021. She lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and small floof Wiley, often found at the base of a crag in Boulder Canyon or frolicking along a trail in the sunny Front Range foothills.


William Morriss

Content Marketing Lead

Will has over 6 years of experience in Digital Marketing and holds a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA). Previously, he has helped businesses with B2B marketing strategies and specializes in content creation, blogs, and copy for social media, ads, and websites. When he is not working, he is probably hiking in Oregon with his girlfriend and dog Sammy.


Simone Davidson

SEO Analyst

Simone found SEO by chance whilst working in digital marketing and grew to love it ever since. She is proud to be LSGs first Scottish team member and when she is not doing SEO you can find her climbing hills at sunrise or traveling to scenic places.

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