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SEO Smoke Tests for Dynamic Rendering


Google just published an article on how to “Get Started With Dynamic Rendering.” If you are working on a site with a “modern framework” (e.g. Angular, React, or other tech with a lot of JavaScript features), you’ll want to bookmark that post. If reading is not your thing, a few weeks ago I put together Server Side Rendering For Dummies (& Non-Technical SEO Decision Makers), which boils down a lot of the Google techno-jargon into a single PowerPoint slide.

While that Google post has most of what you’ll need to get started with server side rendering, I’d like to focus on the Troubleshooting section – talk all you want about answering user questions, relevance, domain authority, etc. – if I had to define 2018 SEO with one word, it would be “troubleshooting.”

Google gives you most of what you need to troubleshoot prerendering problems in the “Verify your configuration” and “Troubleshooting” sections. Here’s what they say to do (edited for brevity): Read On…

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