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LSG delivered a winning strategy to provide Reciprocity with more revenue, organic traffic, leads, and backlinks to improve the website’s authority.

Increase in Organic ARR



Increase in Organic Leads



Increase in Organic Traffic



Reciprocity Case Study

Primary SEO Goal: Increase Revenue, leads, & search visibility

About Reciprocity

Reciprocity is an industry-leading provider of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) software engineered to help companies monitor and optimize data security and client privacy.

Why they hired us

Reciprocity’s online visibility was far below its competitors, limiting revenue. The company knew this problem would worsen over time.

Reciprocity required a dramatic increase in its organic traffic and wanted to achieve higher conversion rates. Challenged by the GRC industry’s low search volume, LSG was hired because of our expertise in competitive SERP analysis and content strategy, and our LSG KPI Dashboard that would enable Reciprocity’s large tech and marketing teams to constantly monitor and optimize its SEO program.

We helped this industry-leading GRC platform grow ARR from $2 million to $23 million in less than five years. 40% of all revenue is now driven by SEO-related leads.

When we enlisted the LSG team, Reciprocity was doing $2 million in ARR. Less than five years in, they’re doing over $23 million. We know that at least 40% of all revenue is now driven by SEO-related leads.”

Ben Lack, Fractional CMO of Reciprocity

What we did

We executed a plan of action to better tailor Reciprocity’s content to the sales funnel, tie organic search to leads, and increase search visibility with key demographics.


Defined Project and Budget

LSG worked with Reciprocity’s team members to identify its immediate and longer-term goals and set a budget that fit the company’s priorities.


Conducted Technical Audit

With our tech team and project manager, we dug into Reciprocity’s site architecture to identify opportunities to improve the site’s search crawl ability, speed, and search visibility.


Integrated KPI Dashboard

We customized our KPI Dashboard to analyze historical data, and collect and interpret data most relevant to achieving Reciprocity’s goals.


Set SEO Content Guidelines

LSG Set SEO content guidelines consistent with the company’s brand and reputation, and GRC prospects’ search behaviors, we focused on messaging to increase visibility in relevant search results. Additionally, we created SEO content that defined Reciprocity as industry authorities and trustworthy experts.


Expand External Links

To further support Reciprocity’s search goals and maximize the value of its content investments, LSG researched its prospects’ interests and corresponding content sources. We earned backlinks on, blogs, on relevant industry and social accounts that would be most effective in turning external Reciprocity links into visits and conversions.


Streamline Editorial Workflow

LSG worked with Reciprocity’s content team to improve its workflow to ensure all writing and editing, internal linking, and on-page optimization opportunities were executed consistently with the company’s SEO content strategy.

Measurable Business Results

LSG’s client commitment includes measuring results to make sure we reach or exceed project benchmarks, and offering ongoing solutions to further improve clients’ SEO. These business results demonstrate the effectiveness of Reciprocity’s new SEO program.

When we enlisted the LSG team, Reciprocity was doing $2 million in ARR. Less than five years in, they’re doing over $23 million. We know that at least 40% of all revenue is now driven by SEO-related leads.”

Ben Lack, Fractional CMO of Reciprocity

Organic Traffic


Reciprocity - Organic traffic chart 00

10x Growth in Featured Snippets for “Risk” Keywords

In 2022, Reciprocity pivoted its focus to “risk”-related queries to support its growing “ROAR” platform. LSG shifted its content strategy to focus on dominating middle- and bottom-of-funnel “risk” queries via Featured Snippets. Featured Snippets


  • Over the five-year life of the program, Reciprocity’s annual recurring revenue has grown 900%.
  • More than 40% of all revenue is driven from SEO-related leads.
  • 11:1 return on investment.


  • Search visibility increased dramatically and as of April 2021, the brand had 24,599 keywords ranking on Google’s first page of results.
  • As of May 2022, LSG’s strategy resulted in a 656.53% increase in keywords ranking on Google’s first page compared to January 2020.
Reciprocity - SERP chart


Reciprocity is now able to produce top-quality content at scale and published over 200 articles and 10 long-form expert guides in 2019 alone.

Organic Traffic

Reciprocity saw organic traffic from Google more than double in the period from November 2019 to June 2021, driven by:

  • 100.5% more clicks
  • 110% more search impressions
Reciprocity - Organic traffic chart 01

Reciprocity’s organic traffic doubled again from January 2020 through June 2021, even despite the chaos the global pandemic wreaked on the business world.

Reciprocity - Organic traffic chart 02

Organic Search

Today, 75% of all site traffic comes from organic search. Importantly, the traffic and leads being generated are laser-focused; LSG’s custom reporting dashboard enables Reciprocity to see exactly which business categories are attracting search views and clicks.


With its emphasis on publishing and promoting top-quality content and the support of LSG’s editorial and SEO resources, Reciprocity earned 1,952 backlinks to date. This robust links profile demonstrates authoritativeness and credibility to Google, which in turn supports higher rankings on relevant terms.

Reciprocity - Backlinks chart