April 2021 Google SERP Features: Advertisers Pulling Back?

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by andrewsho

For all you Local Pack-o-Meter watchers, you may recall that last month we saw an increase in the presence of both Ads and Shopping Boxes and chalked that up to business optimism about the economy. I don’t want to say that April showers are raining on the parade, but we did see a slight pull-back in both these SERP features:
Google Ads SERP Features April 2021

Google Shopping Box SERP Features April 2021
I don’t think we can read much into a 2% drop, but perhaps those eager beaver PPC jockeys got a bit out over their skis in March and decided to pull back a bit.

We also saw a little tick up in Knowledge Graphs, so hopefully you are all doing entity optimization, right?:

The biggest change we saw was in the presence of Related Searches, which dropped by about 25 percentage points:
Google Related Searches SERP Feature April 2021We’re not sure what’s going on here. There is a relatively new format for these which may be creating some noise in the data. If anyone has any ideas what might be going on, feel free to hit me up on Twitter or LinkedIN.

Other than that, everything else is pretty much steady as she goes:
Google Local Pack SERP Features April 2021

I will try to update these the first week of each month so stay tuned!


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