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Google SERP Feature Tracking

See what % of all U.S. search queries* contain your favorite SERP Features!

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*The Local Pack-o-Meter shows the monthly % of all U.S. search queries (~60M queries) tracked by Traject Data in their Historical SERP Database displaying the selected SERP Feature.

“At Traject Data, we strive to push the boundaries of traditional SERP data usage. We’re excited to partner with Local SEO Guide and collaborate on a new product powered by Traject Data.” – Cameron Patterson, Technical Product Manager; Traject

“Andrew and Traject have been doing some cool things. This is probably one of those.”Mike Blumenthal

“#mindblown.”Tim Resnick, Lead Product Manager, SEO, Walmart.com

Created by Bryan Heckler, Sam Capeheart, & Tingbin Huang