Andrew Shotland

CEO & Founder

In 1994, Andrew helped launch Showtime Networks first website. From there he joined NBC’s Internet division and ran, launching some of the first TV to Web experiences. In 2003, Andrew helped launch InsiderPages which was acquired by CitySearch in 2006. Since then, he’s been helping clients big and small with this strange thing they call “SEO”.

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Dan Leibson

VP, Local & Product

Data driven marketer & head of local search @ Local SEO Guide. Beer geek, nerd and foodie.

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Julie Kosbab

Director, Enterprise SEO

After discovering that a degree in medieval literature wasn’t the fast track to gainful employment, she scored a job in e-commerce marketing writing copy about lava lamps and inflatable sheep. She’s moved on from an obsession with AltaVista and HotBot to working on websites in more than 20 countries, for clients ranging from country lawyers to Fortune 100 companies.

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Amber Robinson

Local SEO Analyst

Always looking for cookies & cream flavored frozen yogurt, an animal to pet, a reason to have cupcakes, and my keys.



Steven Saldana

Local SEO Analyst

After dreams of a career in journalism and short lived gigs as a freelance reporter, he discovered the world of SEO. Has worked for large SEM’s (Yahoo!) and small agencies focused on local search. Has a strange obsession with GMB support calls and all things local.


Christa Morgante

Local SEO Analyst

Christa helps clients determine where potential problems and opportunities lie in the local search space. Currently living in Denver and originally from Buffalo, NY, Christa enjoys camping, golfing and yoga. She’s also known to have a craft beer or two while watching a Buffalo Bills game.

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Mike Mitchell

Local SEO Analyst

Mike is a Texan who got lost in New York for 7 years, found a wife, had a kid, and moved out to Portland. He’s interested in emerging online and offline technologies and learning how not to be terrible at javascript. He’s also an ISA Certified Arborist (NY-5934A), so even if he can’t SEO your site like it’s never been SEO’d before you can bet he’ll offer you unsolicited tree advice.

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