Laura Lippay of Yahoo.

The SEO Performance Grid:

  • Use a grid to balance SEO, PPC and Paid Inclusion
  • Find SEO referral gaps
  • Find SEO content opportunities
  • Make SEO Traffic & value projections

Grid Data:

  • Keywords
  • # Searches
  • Conversion metric
  • PPC Data
  • Paid Inclusion Data
  • Algo (SEO) Data

Now she’s showing a very hard to read grid that uses all of this data to show how much you can make per keyword.

Graph of % of profit by channel

Graph of actual v. projected referrals & value.  Figure out opportunity cost of not ranking well for a term to show how much you could have made if you had ranked better.  Be realistic.

Graph of Referral Gaps – how much could we had made if we ranked for terms we currently don’t have content for.

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