Jonah is with It’s The ROI.

Five Forgotten Metrics

Customer Lifetime Value

  •     First touch v. last touch (persistent first touch cookies)
    • Stolen ROI
      • Keyword Evolution – Brand Claims ROI
        • Buyer starts w short tail searches
        • Next tries long tail searches
        • Then buys from Brand searches
        • So the brand search gets all of the credit for the buy instead of the initial non-brand searches
      • Coupons and email campaigns can steal your ROI
      • So you need to track the first touch and hold onto it
      • When someone shows up write a permanent cookie on first touch (source, keyword, date) and write it to the CRM upon conversion event.
      • Capture missing data at every touch point
        • order surveys
        • support interactions
          • chat, phone, email, etc.
  • Once you get this tracking in place you can capture cancelations, adjustments & reorders
  • You can’t rely on your analytics system as they under/over-report

Crawl Frequency (aka the New Page Rank)

  • Crawl frequency is meaningful
  • TBPR is deliberately misleading
  • CF is a product of a search engine’s score of your page so is an indicator of how strong your site is in the engine’s eyes
  • Crawl Frequency Metrics
    • How often crawler visits
    • What pages does it hit
    • I can’t type that fast
  • How to  measure
    • Crawl Rate Tracker Plug In
    • Log  file analysis
    • Develop a custom solution

Page Views To Conversion

  • Good SEO Gets User Closer To Conversion
  • Know Funnel for each landing page

External Links

  •     Total #
  •     Total # Per Page

If your sites are not getting crawled between 1x/week and 30 days there’s a problem.

Best presentation of the show Jonah!

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