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There’s more to search than rankings:

How do we evaluate channel performance and determine investment?

Brand to Non-Brand Ration

  • Non-brand search can be 40x over brand search if done right

Unique Pages

  • How big is your site in Google’s eyes
  • How many pages are being crawled/indexed v. how many pages you have?
  • Why are some of your pages not in the index?

Yielding Pages

  • How many pages are yielding search traffic?
  • For example 25% of your pages in Google drive traffic. What about the other 75%

Phrases/Visitors Per Page

  • How many visitors per page?
  • How many phrases drive traffic per page?

Page Placement

  • Compare Traffic v. URLs on 1st SERP page
  • Develop strategies for page 2 terms

Engine Yield Rate

  • Searchers delivered per page crawled
  • Which engines are getting the best return on your crawl investment


Missed Opportunity Cost

  • Compute your revenue per page from natural search
  • If your unique page count multiplied by your rev per page you can make a case as to how much you can make from natural search

Treat Natural Search As A Direct Response Channel

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