Manta.com’s Long Term Advertiser Acquisition Strategy

April 10th, 2012

This ain’t it.

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  • 1 Nyagoslav

    I always thought Manta is more of a SMB community website, other than the next generic site directory?

  • 2 Sol

    Seem smart.

  • 3 Adam Kaufman

    This is so funny. Didn’t they also just close a venture round? LOL

  • 4 Doyal Bryant

    They needed the extra funding for creating backlinks ads ?? Hope they had a better use of proceeds then that.

  • 5 Justin Sous

    Oh man, this made my day. Some people/companies just DON’T GET IT! With all the news about link networks (you can see Linkvana at the top organically there, they’ve been penalized by Google recently), you’d think Manta would think twice before placing a flamboyant ad such as that for “free backlinks”…

  • 6 Andrew Shotland

    BTW the ad is gone now

  • 7 Cheyne Tekel

    So funny!

    1)The fact that they’re putting that in the ad copy considering all of the deindexing with BMR & warnings from around the web to stay away from un natural links &

    2) Aren’t they just another local search directory/IYP ? I guess this would be even more silly if they were bidding on keywords like “local online marketing” in the hopes of thinking SMB’s actually know what backlinks are…

  • 8 Greg Garrick

    Thank you Andrew for bringing this campaign to our attention, it was a mistake and has been removed. This campaign used poor judgement. Manta serves the SMB market as an online community that helps small businesses connect, profit and grow through their Manta membership. We do not have a history of cutting corners to achieve success online and we regret the perception that this campaign may have caused and hope that it does not erase the many years of hard work we at Manta have put in to become the leading community for small business.

  • 9 Andrew Shotland

    Thanks for stopping by Greg. I imagine there was a fun internal email thread going around today.

    My wife says to be nice to your PPC guy tomorrow. I say keep hazing him. :)

  • 10 Christopher Regan

    Andrew: this was priceless fun, for this SEMer.
    Greg: what a direct, sincere response. And, kudos to Manta as a whole — it’s really a great platform.

  • 11 Jeffrey Magner

    Andrew, did you know that Greg was reading your posts? This is a potent 3 word blog post.
    Greg ~ what is Manta’s long term advertiser acquisition strategy?

  • 12 don

    Heard an advertisement for them on a local radio station last week, claiming to be the destination to find pre screened contractors, this seems like an uphill battle in a pretty competive vertical

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