Here’s the quick stats. More to come:

1. I currently provide clients with SEO and SEM consulting services. I specialize in local search engine optimization but I work on all types of sites. Clients include large media and e-commerce companies, Web 2.0ish start-ups and even my local cabinet guy (I got a great deal on custom cabinets).

2. Previously I was head of product and business development for Insider Pages where I developed a SEO program that attracted over 3 million monthly unique visitors almost solely via SEO. Insider Pages was acquired by CitySearch and then I started Local SEO Guide. A good move by CitySearch I might add.

3. In a past life I was GM of and did all of those watch TV and go online things that are totally commonplace now but back then were a bit wacky and annoying to the network execs who didn’t quite get it.

4. Way way back when I launched Showtime Network’s first website and did the first live web chat from a Mike Tyson fight when we covered his first match after he got out of prison. It lasted all of 86 seconds. But hey I got a free trip to Vegas out of it.

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