SEO Nukes
An ecommerce site went partially https without telling us or the in-house SEO. See if you can guess when that happened:


A start-up 410’d a lot of pages it decided it didn’t need without telling us. See if you can guess when that happened:

Up and Down

I know you guys are all “moving fast” but when we say “please let us review releases before they go live”, there’s a good reason for it. We’ve only been asking you for about a decade…

An Open Letter To Kamikaze Web Developers

And thanks to SEORadar for saving everyone’s bacon!


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  • Tim Dugan  August 24, 2016 at 6:39 pm

    Coincidentally enough, this happened to me a few weeks ago. Organic traffic was starting to decline and we were left scratching our heads. The client didn’t even know they had https pages on their site floating around – come to find out, they had an entire https version of the site (matching almost every page) that was never brought to my attention – when we started working with them there was not, so somewhere along the line https was enabled. We’ve 301ed all to https, setup search console for https (and http), adjusted internal/inbound links where possible and are recovering – fingers crossed!