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by andrewsho

Rosie The LinkbuilderA couple of weeks ago, I was having a great day and tried to pass on the positive vibes with Lucky To Be In Local SEO! Today I am sure many of our U.S.-based readers have their heads way out the door in anticipation of the three-day Labor Day weekend so I thought I’d try to kick off the holiday with another sunshine and rainbows post on the labor of SEO…

When we talk about what our mission statement is at Local SEO Guide, besides the fact that we don’t have one, we often come around to the fact that our job is to basically save our clients’ jobs and to help them build their businesses so they can give more people jobs.

I am not saying we are Mother Theresa. After all, the kinds of things we do all day often strike me as fairly goofy. In fact I just ran a Screaming Frog crawl while waiting for Adobe Analytics to load a Last Touch Marketing Channel report on natural search conversions for the nacho cheese maker landing page.

But there’s a method to the goofiness.

Case in point: Two weeks ago, a startup client whose SEO had been crushing it over the past two months updated their site without telling us and killed their SEO. It wasn’t super obvious this is what had happened. Their traffic was still growing. But if you dug deep enough into the data you would have seen that organic traffic growth to a key template had suddenly reversed itself and that combined with various GSC and rankings data all pointed to they were about to suffer a catastrophic drop.

This event (and other similar situations where clients have shot themselves in the head) spurred Two Keys To Launch The SEO Nukes!

The client likely wouldn’t have noticed it for several weeks. Thankfully, by catching the very sharp needle in the SEO haystack, we were able to get the client to quickly fix the issue and growth popped back up in a few days. Two days ago the site hit its all-time traffic high.

SEO screw up

So talking at length about the value of bi-directional mobile tagging may feel a bit silly, but I do feel pretty great about the fact that our goofy work helps our clients enjoy their Labor Day Weekend without worrying that they will be out of business when they get back to the office next week. That feels like a job worth doing.

To all of our clients, readers and the rest of the fantastic Local SEO Guide team, have a great Google-free holiday and be sure to have a few of these while you’re at it…


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