Looking for a Cool Microsoft Marketing Job in Seattle?

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by andrewsho

Since this blog’s readers are mainly from the search marketing & local search industries, I’ve often thought I should add a job board for local search jobs.  I regularly get requests from readers to promote their job openings so maybe one of these days I’ll get around to doing one.

As a little test I’ve posted a job Microsoft pinged me about yesterday.  Here’s a summary of the position.  If you are into SMB marketing (and acronyms) this could be the job for you:

Senior Marketing Manager, Global Trade Marketing
Microsoft Mobile Advertising (MoAd)

Microsoft Advertising (MSA) is looking for a star Senior Marketing Manager with an outstanding track record in local/online/digital marketing and a strong passion for emerging/mobile media to lead the global mobile advertising trade marketing team’s efforts around Small & Medium Sized Business (SMB), local and commerce. This is a high-impact, high-visibility opportunity for an experienced marketing manager looking to help build and scale a significant new business for Microsoft. The role is based in Redmond and will report to the Global Director of Trade Marketing, Microsoft Mobile Advertising Solutions.

Here’s the Full description.

If you are interested, please ping me at localseo @ localseoguide.com or on Twitter at @localseoguide and I’ll hook you up.  If you get the job, your first paycheck buys beers for anyone subscribing to my RSS feed.

And on a totally unrelated note, I fixed some duplication issues this blog has had for about a year and once again I rank #1 for “soup nazi“.  There is a God after all, and he serves damn good soup.


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