Lobster Searches Google For Pizza. Gets Confused.

Storified by Andrew Shotland · Tue, Aug 28 2012 13:19:38

Google’s monopolistic behavior in Web search seems to have no bounds. Check out hover experience for local. http://pic.twitter.com/r0K2OMvIRakesh Agrawal
The preceding was not meant to be a defense of $YELP, which is one Google algorithm change from oblivion.Rakesh Agrawal
@rakeshlobster – what’s a real shame is how the user is completely unable to type Y-E-L-P into his/her browser and get alternative reviewsRuss Laraway
And in parallel
@mblumenthal how long has google been showing map ads in main search results?Rakesh Agrawal
@rakeshlobster You mean the ones with the Pins? Numbers or Dots in the Pins?Mike Blumenthal
@rakeshlobster # in pins are Adwords w Local Ext ads and square dots in Pins are Adwords Express ads.Mike Blumenthal
@mblumenthal and users care about the distinction because… ?Rakesh Agrawal
@rakeshlobster I am the sole US Citizen that cares about the distinction. But I thought you might find it elucidating. :)Mike Blumenthal
@mblumenthal it’s interesting to industry watchers like me, but would be confusing to users. no reason for google to distinguish in UI.Rakesh Agrawal
@rakeshlobster yes. No good reason for UI diff other than to keep us entertainedMike Blumenthal

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