Spotmixer, a new SMB make-your-own online video service, launched today and I sat down with the team to find out more about their service.

Like Mixpo,  Spotmixer provides simple templates (based on industry and emotion – I saw the “hip” template) and editing tools that allow a business to upload photos to create a slick video.  The user can add voice-overs and pre-recorded music along with text that displays their marketing messages.  You can basically make an ad in 60 seconds.  Pretty cool.

Spotmixer evolved out of OneTrueMedia, a huge video/photo/slideshow service. They claimed they got the idea from seeing businesses creating videos on their service.  So they get points for being creative with evolving their technology to where the money is.

At this point their strategy is to partner with companies with local sales channels like IYPs. I can see a real appeal for this kind of technology as a nifty item in your average yellow pages sales rep’s toolkit.  And Spotmixer can upload your videos to Youtube, etc and to your Adwords account, so you can run a Google video ad.  The video is also TV ready so now instead of a crappy local cable ad you can run your Spotmixer ad.  It may be just as crappy (unless you use their “hip” template) but it might be a lot cheaper to create.

Their pricing seems pretty good.  All you can eat (ads & downloads) $79 for 1 month, $69/mth for 3, $59/mth for 6.

My sense is six months from now there are going to be a large number of companies in this space so as usual Spotmixer’s success is going to be based on differentiation and execution.

If you’re a SMB and you are looking to do something “cool” for your website you may want to check these guys out.

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  • Matt McGee  May 1, 2008 at 4:48 pm

    $79 per month? So, I can make all the videos I want in one month for $79? Do I get to keep the videos?

  • Brett Gardner  May 2, 2008 at 7:37 pm

    Hi Matt,

    You can make as many ads as you’d like for $79 per month. And, once you download them, you own them outright. Hope that helps!

    –Brett Gardner
    VP, Marketing