DDL: Anupam Gupta of Mixpo

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by andrewsho

Coming into this one late unfortunately.  Mixpo is provides an easy way to create web videos for marketing.

Mixpo provides a dashboard to help measure the effectiveness of the video.  You can click on a video from a campaign to get impressions, views and conversions for specific time periods.  You can see a map that shows where the views are coming from.   They show you where in the video the interactions are happening, e.g. when did someone click on the coupon.   If someone watches 90% of a video and then clicks on the coupon or fills out a lead form that’s a sign that you are getting a highly qualified lead.  Agreed.

You can make changes to the ads based on the data using a drag and drop UI.  For example you can change how long the coupon is displayed, color of the coupon, voice narration, music, etc.

You can auto submit the video to the search engines to help with video SEO.

Anupam talks about using his system to optimize the video campaign.

Overall a very impressive service.  Nice work Anupam.  I’ll try to catch up with him later.


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