As many of my readers now know The SEMMY Awards nominations have been announced and I am both a judge in the Small Business Marketing category and a nominee for the following posts:

Yelp SEO Analysis: Part One

Geotargeting Location By IP Address = SEO Death

As I was going through all of the Small Biz posts I am judging and emailing with my fellow judges I started to come up with a criteria for how to judge these posts.  I figured I’d post these in case any of the other judges are trying to figure this out as well.

Here’s what I am thinking in order of importance:

1. Is the post useful?  Can I take action after reading it and see a benefit?

2. Is the post well-written?  Is the style accessible enough so that I can get through the whole thing without spacing out?  Read enough of these in a row and you start doing some serious spacing out.

3. Is the post inspirational? Does it make the reader want to drop what they are doing and start acting on the information they read?

4. Is the post unique?  A lot of these entries have helpful information but it’s probably stuff that a thousand other bloggers have written about at one point or another.

So there you have it. QED

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