Google has been testing replacements for their local carousel and local pack design for a while now.  So I was a little surprised when I saw this screenshot.

Carousel Test for Moving Companies?

What’s so interesting about this is that a carousel for moving company results would represent an expansion of the carousel user interface, as opposed to all the tests that suggest that Google want’s to move away from that design. Anyone else see any results that would represent an expansion of the local carousel?

H/T to Chris Borrink at IOV Media for the discovery.

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  • Andrew Broadbent  December 16, 2014 at 8:57 am

    I just attended a Google Tech Talks Meet up last week at Google’s NYC office. I got to talk with several Google engineers from the Knowledge Graph UI team, especially the lead engineer Harvey Jones who works the local team.
    For the industry vertical such as Hotels, Restaurants, office space and a few others, Google has completely redesigned the local Carousel, by removing the black horizontal bar and replacing it with a new maps filter ( ratings, price, hours).