If you have been following the saga of the newly opened Main Street Meat and Fish Market in Pleasanton, Greg Sterling and I were having a discussion last week about the fact that since they are a new business, they are not yet showing up in the local search databases like InfoUSA, Acxiom & Localeze, and yet they have thriving Facebook and Yelp pages. One thing I hadn’t noticed last time I checked is that they also had a GoWalla page.

I am guessing that the first GoWalla user to check in at the store, Brad Poston, added it to GoWalla’s database. Not sure what the rate of new retail business openings are, but if this kind of thing continues to happen then it’s possible GoWalla and it’s ilk will have a leg up on all other local search services when it comes to new business data. This has implications for advertiser sales, SEO, user experience, etc.

Kind of interesting.

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