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Apple Maps has updated its Attributions page again with four new business listings partners, 3 US-based location data management/marketing companies and a Swiss Yellow Pages company:

SIM Partners
Swisscom Directories

Previously Location3 and SIM Partners were accidentally “announced” as partners almost two years ago. At that point we had heard that these partners were in some kind of beta program to see if their data was good enough for Apple Maps. I suppose this latest update means that Location3 and SIM Partners are now officially good enough. Congrats to Andrew, Nick, Adam, Gib, and the rest of the crews at both companies.

Check out the Apple Maps Business Listings Data Suppliers by Country where I keep an up to date list of all of these guys.

Apple also added three new transit data sources:

Oahu Transit Service (TheBus)
BC Transit for British Columbia 
TransLink for Vancouver

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