Anybody that works with Local SEO at scale, and even those that don’t, has experienced the pain of having to wrangle True pieces of NAP information for dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of locations. Clients usually hate checking this, and trust me, I get it. It’s really hard to be able to break data discrepancies in your own records e.g is your internal documentation correct or is the website correct? And wait a second, there is this different piece of internal documentation with different info…

The thing is your Local SEOs aren’t going to be able to do that for you, because we have even less of an idea about the truthiness of it then you do, and are just going to bring Source of Truth NAP questions back to you to resolve. But please, for your own sake, do not skimp on providing validated NAP info or this following story could happen to you.

We have had a white label client that has had a hard time sparing the resources to be able to properly validate and provide phone number information. This is not a complaint, just a statement of fact. And you should stop sucking at client management and empathize with their problem. All of the people who can validate individual locations True information have more important things to to worry about then SEO because, rightly or wrongly, it’s the last priority (until it isn’t). This has resulted in us having to go back and forth several times to have discrepancies resolved etc. So after finally having stakeholder sign off on the validity of NAP data we started hitting the Local SEO button for them. Queue emergency email where we were told that an employee’s phone number had made it’s way into the signed-off data and now that employee is getting calls designed for the terminal client. Whoops.

So let that be a reminder to be true to your Source of Truth, otherwise you may just “get filk”:

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