We got the opportunity to expand the organic program we have with a Big Baller Brand ™.

This always makes me giddy, as I think local organic search is one of the places where we excel. Turns out, I was right to think so, because we crushed it.
Local SEO Guide Crushed It.
Like I mentioned, this is all organic search work done on-domain. It includes things like technical optimization and content. We did nothing with GMB in the same timeframe. Which is really interesting because GMB killed it too!

The Local SEO Guide Team Went Murder Town on Local Search.

We track clicks from Google My Business to the website, so we can see increases in Search -> Google My Business -> Website user flows (which are a very valuable and constantly slept on segment). As you can see, without doing anything on Google My Business the traffic rose in relation to organic traffic, even if not immediate. Let this be a lesson for organizations out there that you can kill it at Google My Business by being focused on local organic search first.

Just as an endnote, these screenshots are from a Google Data Studio reporting instance that aggregated dozens of websites into BigQuery to allow us to report on like pages etc across domains as well as aggregate GSC data and all kinds of other fun stuff for this client.

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