Yelp Just Says No To NoFollow Tags

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by andrewsho

This just in;  Yelp has removed the internal nofollow tags from their site.  If you had read my posts, Yelp SEO Analysis Part I and Yelp SEO Analysis Part II, you might recall that internal nofollows were a big part of their SEO strategy, most likely encouraged by SEOMoz, their SEO consultants, who were big proponents of the tactic as a way to stop the flow of PageRank to undesirable pages.  Earlier this year Matt Cutts of Google publicly implied that Google no longer honors internal nofollow tags.

I am not sure how long these have been gone, but if you believe the Compete traffic graph, Yelp’s traffic has been flat for the past couple of months, so they may be looking for ways to juice it via quick SEO fixes.

The thing I have not seen discussed on any SEO blogs is how this change in internal nofollows is being treated by Yahoo & Bing.

Key to the city goes to Jonathan Wegener, the most awesome guy ever, for tipping me off to this earth-shaking news.


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