Some notes from Peter Krasilovsky’s interview with Sonia McFarland, head of business development of Yelp.  Not much new here but a couple of interesting data points.

– Yelp’s demo is older than you think

– In order to be an advertiser on the site you need to “qualify” by having a minimum number of reviews and minimum star rating

– While Yelp distributes its content to other local search sites, they don’t get a lot of traffic from these deals.  Most of their traffic comes from search and direct navigation.

– Yelp has 3.5 million reviews

– They focus on the top 21 cities in the US

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  • George  September 18, 2008 at 6:14 pm

    Yelp is a great product, just goes to show what can be accomplished when data is user generated. Similar to Wikipedia. I believe that the future of local is user generated and social. A lot of innovation ahead, we’ll see what the ultimate platform ends up being.