Why Does Google Still Use DMOZ As a Source?

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by andrewsho

Check out the description snippet in this query for Examiner.com, which is a fairly large news site that has been around for years:
Examiner DMOZ

Perhaps at some point, maybe a decade ago, Examiner.com was owned by The Journal Newspapers. It’s not now. Check out the citation for Examiner.com on this DMOZ page:

Examiner DMOZ Description

Look familiar?

Now check out this little grey Knowledge Graph whatever you call this thingy in this query for Goldbely:
Goldbely DMOZ

Now check out the citation for Golbely on this DMOZ URL from Feb 8, 2014:

Goldbely DMOZ Citation

A citation which was corrected over a year ago.

So again, I ask:


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