Why Did Cisco Buy Smalltown?

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by andrewsho

Ok, I know I am just a measley little SEO blogger, but today on LocalSEOGuide, I’ll be playing the part of Michael Arrington.

I knew Smalltown.com, the local start-up, had been up for sale (Truth be told, I was tempted to acquire it myself), and for some reason today I went to the site and found it was down. A quick WhoIs query later and I discovered:

So why the heck would Cisco buy Smalltown?

– Welcome to Smalltown! Cisco’s city of the future?
– Share your local videos on Flip’s Smalltown?

My vote is they’re going to rebrand Umi – Let’s face it, it sounds more like sushi than video conferencing on your TV.

And then again there’s this:

What do you think?


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