My good friend Chris Bennett over at 97th floor just launched a public beta of his cool new web analytics tool, BLVD Status.  Here’s his blog post about it.

I have checked it out a little and it’s got some pretty interesting reporting, particularly for those interested in social media performance.  It’s sort of like Mint with a bit more focus on SEO and SMO.

Here’s Chris’ bullet points on the service:

BLVD Status is a live stats analytics platform offering conversions and in depth analysis.
It takes traditional live stats a step further by giving you information about your site regarding sales, RSS subscribers,
contact forms as well as in depth search engine referrals.


  • RSS conversion tracking – track  which referring urls bring your RSS subscribers
  • Contact Form, Ecommerce and Out Going Link Conversion – All live conversion data
  • Keyword Rankings – With every hit from the search engines you will see what engine the word came from and what the avg or live ranking is for that keyword.
  • Digg This Conversions – See which users and referrals click on your Digg This Button giving your content votes.
  • Easy to Set Up – Very easy to set up Java Script Code. Conversions are very easy to set up as well.
  • Calendar Reporting – It has a live stats dashboard that allows you to click into an in depth section for each area and run calendar reports etc.

Give it a try.  It’s super simple to set up and every little bit of data helps, right?

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  • pyrmont  July 9, 2008 at 7:04 pm

    Andrew will have a play and see how we go. Had a look and it really sounds enterprise level. Whether it is ready for prime time will be interesting, but hey am willing to be a guinea pig, whilst its in beta..

    shouldn’t hurt right….