Twitter As A Sales Tool For Conferences: #marketplaces2009

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by andrewsho

Ok I am hung up on Twitter today.  Here’s another thing I learned at the Kelsey Conference about Twitter – It’s an amazing marketing tool at conferences.

During the conference the moderators periodically mentioned that people should tweet conference-related stuff using #marketplaces2009 so that all of the conference tweets would be easy to find in Twitter search. A handful of attendees with ADD, including yours truly, took them up on the offer and started tweeting reactions to the speakers.

While it got a bit noisy as people often tweeted about the same stuff, anyone who was at the show and watching Twitter probably checked in regularly to see what was being said.  During the conference breaks I had three different people whom I had never met come up to me and comment on my Tweets.  Each of these people is now a potential new reader of this blog, a potential referrer of clients or a potential client themselves.  All for the price of a few digital bon mots.


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