Given the increased prominence of reviews sites in new Google Place Search SERPs, I thought it might be interesting to see which ones were showing up most often. The following is sort of 2010 version of my 2009 IYP SEO Rankings Report. This data is hardly thorough – I only looked at the top 10 Yellow Pages categories for the top 10 U.S. cities.  I hope this post inspires some readers to do a more in-depth look at this for different verticals and cities. I’ll be presenting this data today at the Blueglass Florida local search panel in my talk about how to get around the 7 Pack.

The Top 10 Reviews Sites in Google Place Search

  1. Yelp
  2. CitySearch
  3. InsiderPages
  4. YahooLocal
  5. DealerRater
  6. JudysBook
  7. TripAdvisor
  8. Edmunds
  10. OpenTable

  11. Honorable Mention

  12. UrbanSpoon
  13. DemandForce
  14. Kudzu
  15. Yellowbot
  16. CityVoter
  17. DexKnows
  18. SuperPages
  19. MenuPages
  20. LilaGuide

Here’s the complete set of data that shows the keywords we tracked


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  • daily divvy  November 3, 2010 at 9:05 am

    It would be interesting to find out which of these sites are paid listings and which sites allow their users to post thier businesses and other businesses.

  • Mike Ramsey  November 3, 2010 at 9:41 am

    Great work on the recent change Andrew. I am going to be very interested to see how hreview formatted sites break into the mix overtime.

    Definitely looking forward to seeing more sites that don’t require someone to log in to post reviews.

  • Andrew Shotland  November 3, 2010 at 10:14 am

    Thanks Mike, should have some hreview observations later today.

    Daily Divvy, I believe all of these sites have some kind of “free” listings. Didn’t check to see which ones that ranked were paid or not though. Hard to believe that would influence which review site links showed up though.

  • daily divvy  November 3, 2010 at 10:21 am


    Additionally, s far as local SEO goes now, these review sites are important more than ever due to the fact that for local searches Google is showing only the local 7 pack and the top 3 organic listings below the local listings.

    It looks like these same review sites are weighing in heavily to get things ranked in the 7 pack as well.

  • Andrew Shotland  November 3, 2010 at 10:25 am

    I am not so sure that reviews sites are weighed any more heavily than they were before the update.

    That said they are hugely important because more traffic is being diverted to them and so your biz’ presence on these sites is a critical factor.

  • Kyle Alm  November 3, 2010 at 11:04 am

    This is great information with the Google Places integrations, it would be great if there were a Quantcast and/or Alexa rank to go along with the rankings also.

    @Andrew Looking forward to your hreview observations.

  • Ash Nallawalla  November 3, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    Does show up in Place Search? I was expecting it to do well (no connection with me).

  • Caleb Ross  November 3, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    I would be interested to know how the reviews affect ranking by industry or search vertical. For instance, are plumbers more likely to pull information from SuperPages? How about construction businesses or insurance agencies?

  • Joe  November 3, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    I’ve found that being a member and having a link on your local Chamber of Commerce is a real big factor in getting your local list ranked higher. I

    would also submit to as many local yellowpage directories as possible and get your customers to give you reviews.

  • Adam Melson  November 15, 2010 at 11:23 am

    Very cool resource, once in a while clients will ask about the type of review sites out there or ones pulling in and having a list of 20 to send over will save some time. Thanks Andrew!

  • Dierk Konig  December 1, 2010 at 9:31 am

    Yep – thanks for that – any idea where top 10 are in UK?

  • SEO Moves  January 14, 2011 at 5:54 am

    Thanks for the great list, was digging around looking for this, I hope I can return the favor…

  • Brand M.  January 30, 2012 at 10:38 am

    You hit the nail on the head with Yelp as #1 I’m an avid, but I think Urbanspoon should of made the top 10!

  • arun  March 15, 2012 at 3:20 am

    I would be interested to know how the reviews affect ranking by industry or search vertical