The SEO Advantage of Advertising on Online Yellow Pages

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by andrewsho

It’s always preferable to get search engine users to find your site before they find an intermediary like an online yellow pages, but there also can be an advantage to using the SEO expertise of other sites to help you dominate search engine results pages (SERPs).I noticed a SEO company in Charlotte, NC, Top Rank Search, advertising with Local Launch, a sister co. to the online yellow pages DexKnows. Local Launch and other companies like it provide advertisers with mini-websites for lead generation. Thanks to Local Launch’s SEO tactics, Top Rank appears twice on page one of Google’s SERP for the term “SEO Charlotte NC” – once for its own site and once for the Local Launch mini-site.

Google typically only allows a site to appear twice in any SERP and those results are often clustered together with one result indented below the other, but if you have your business info appearing on two different websites run by different companies, then both of those sites can show up on the same page in the results and grab more traffic from your competition.

Check out the image to see what I’m talking about or see the SERP here:

The moral of the story: Get your data out there and use other sites’ well-SEO’d platforms to your advantage.


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