In January, I posted about the power of Startup SEO. What I neglected to follow-up on was the fact that after fixing this particular start-up’s optimization issues and seeing huge organic traffic growth, two weeks later Google decided to take their traffic down to almost zero.

I came up with a number of potential fixes to the problem, but most of them were impractical for a large site (hundreds of millions of URLs) with limited resources. While the site arguably has great content, one could also argue that it has scraped, thin content as well. It’s basically a data aggregation site with an interesting way to find and present information. So traffic stayed at almost zero…Until yesterday.

I am working on piecing together the puzzle I am seeing with this traffic pattern, as well as the patterns I am seeing on other client sites. I don’t have another client that got so totally destroyed and then brought back to life, so I am posting this in hopes that people who have seen a similar “Grand Canyon” pattern get in touch so we can compare notes.

I can be contacted here or on one of my social media accounts.

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