The Importance of Google Sitelinks for Mobile SEO

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by andrewsho

I always thought that Google Sitelinks were sort of useless, but now I get it.  If the iPhone is how we are going to experience mobile search for the near future, Google Sitelinks can be really helpful.  For example, today I was looking for a phone number of a company I was going to see and searched for them on Google on the iPhone.  The result came up but I thought the number they displayed was wrong.  The “contact us” sitelink was also displayed on the small screen so I immediately clicked on that.  Unfortunately the page I was sent to had a huge flash file on it or something and wouldn’t load, but the point was that the sitelinks are really helpful on the small mobile screen whereas on a bigger screen with faster downloads you can ignore them and click on the main url to find what you are looking for.

I guess what I am saying is that make sure you have a very simple site architecture and a “Contact Us” page so they will show up in mobile search results if Google ever deigns to give you sitelinks.


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