According to Jay Young of LinkFish


Best directories:

Non Profit Sponsorships are great.

Social Media: Digg, Redditt, Stumble, etc.

According to Jay text link brokers still work

  • Big Name Text Link Brokers
  • Blog Advertisers
  • Smaller Brokers 2,000 – 10,000 Sites
  • Specialty Brokers
  • Amateur Brokers

“You gave up morality when you got into this business”

Darker Methods:

  • Comment SPAM works
  • Trackback SPAM works
  • Reciprocal Links work – but be very picky about who you link with. Don’t use a reciprocal links page
  • Three Way linking works but make sure they are relevant
  • Link Farms – only use those that have a toolbar page rank but be careful

Outside the Box

  • Widgets
  • Templates
  • Template Sponsorship
  • Contests – Give away an iphone and ask for a link back from all entrants
  • Content Trades


  • Hire bartenders – they are perfectly suited for the task
  • Avoid buying links from forums
  • Avoid any site with hidden links
  • Use moderation and common sense
  • If the competition is too clean, mess it up a little

As you can see I have abandoned my one or two sentences approach.

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