SMB2B social networking is becoming the flavor of the month in local search.  It makes sense to focus on businesses as how many more online yellow pages sites focused on consumers can we and the search engines collectively stand?

Along with sites like Merchant Circle & GetFave and others comes a new one I just discovered,  Looks like it has all of the features you’d expect and they clearly know something about social media marketing as I discovered them after they followed me on Twitter.

Despite their SMB2B positioning, at the end of the day these sites are still relying on consumer traffic, mostly via SEO, to justify their existences.  But while consumers are the holy grail, they are also harder to attract and hold on to.  Going after businesses is no small task, but at least you are not competing with Paris Hilton.

Welcome ShowMeLocal.

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  • Eugene  October 16, 2008 at 7:40 pm

    Thank you very much for mentioning ShowMeLocal. In addition to services we provide, we also offer private (white) label program for local search professionals, online directories and newspapers.
    Your blog is great!