Google Maps SEO? Write a Book

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by andrewsho

Here’s a fun idea I picked up from Michael Jones’ (head tech guy at Google Maps) keynote at SMX Local (actually they’ve asked me to call it “SMX Lomo”). This is one of those way out there SEO tactics that will take some effort and probably won’t bear fruit for a while but I like it conceptually, and it’s Friday so what the heck.

Google Book Search Map PageAs you can see from the graphic of a Google Book Search page for “The Savvy Renter”, GBS displays a map of locations that are mentioned in the book. Scroll way down the page to find it. So what if you wrote a book, in this case about “how to fix a toilet” (having a lot of leaky toilet issues these days) and in it listed your business location(s)? Theoretically if someone searched for a book on “how to fix a toilet” you might rank for it and then if they saw your location on the map page they might actually call you to help. This is probably a good strategy for companies with chains of plumbers who can afford to toss off a book and then have relevant locations across the country.

This may be a bit of a wacky idea, but as information becomes more and more accessible in a Web 3.0 kind of way, working your marketing messages into the information customers are looking for in a helpful way could be the difference between you and your competition.


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