SEO Arbitrage The Deficit!

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by andrewsho

I am as tired as anyone else about the political bullshit that is going on in this country and there’s only so much that Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and So You Think You Can Lose Weight While You Dance, Cook & Remodel Kitchens can do to distract us. I am particularly cranky about all of this deficit stuff so it irks me when I see news like the fact that the US Postal Service lost $2.5 billion in June of this year while being the 51st most visited site on the planet (thanks to @compete for bringing this out into the light).

Dear Uber Secretary of US Government Efficiency:

Please note the following:

  1. .gov sites seem to do pretty well SEO-wise
  2. seems to me that, and any other .gov site, could add some pretty great content to the site and optimize it so that it can get a lot of traffic for high value keywords
  3. Pop some Adsense on the pages (or some affiliate deals – I bet you can get a great CPA from FedEx)
  4. Deficit solved

Questions? email me at localseo @
Now go back to reading Techcrunch, golfing with that lobbyist or whatever it was you were doing with taxpayers’ money.


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