The most interesting info in the Real Time Search panel at SMX is how each of the engines looks at RTS data algorithmically and how it contributes to ranking in Web search results.  Some real-time blogging:

From BING:
Sean Suchter

The major types of data they look at in the real time search stream:

Meta Data:

  • URL referrals
  • Retweet counts

Primary Data:

  • images
  • Tweet/Blog content
New things to consider:
  • People retweeting what you said/links
  • Trust worthy peple sharing your links or tweets
  • # of people retweeting what you said in the last minute, hour, day
  • Be prepared to turn on a dime
  • Is activity around a topic going up or down
SPAM Detection
  • Real traffic looks like a densely connected mash – lots of small dots
  • SPAM campaigns like teeth marketing looks different – large globs vs. small dots – “We don’t ban people, we ban patterns”

Ivan Davtchev – here’s his presentation

  • For most queries, promoting recent content degrades relevance
  • For many queries (except hot ones), organic web ranking algorithm works just fine
Hot Queries:
  • Yahoo Timesense  – internal tool that detects spiking queries – screenshot from @mattmcgee here
  • Is this query more likely to belong to the last X minutes than to the previous X minutes, the same x minutes in the previous day – This is cool because if you can anticipate when queries typically happen for a search term, you can schedule your tweets around that time and be relevant.
How to Avoid Looking SPAMMY
  • Don’t use too many buzzing terms – OMG unotfromthehoodif Lil Wayne <3 Justin Bieber
  • Don’t abuse shortening services for SPAM links
  • Do not go overboard using Twitter #hashtags – Yahoo will eliminate your tweet from search if you use too many because it “looks bad”
  • Spammy looking tweet streams will be eliminated from search
Dylan Casey

If a term is on Google Trends they are likely showing real time results in search for that term.  In fact I just spammed his presentation by tweeting about “Toyota Sales”.  Here’s a pic (thanks @w2scott)
Real-time results include:
  • Twitter
  • MySpace
  • Google Buzz
  • News sites
The Secret Sauce:
  • Author quality
  • Probability of relevance
  • Semantics
  • Real-time URL resolution
  • Query registration (not sure what this means)
  • Query hotness
  • Query volume fluctuation
  • Topicality
What webmasters should know:
  • Pay attention to the mechanics of SEO but don’t overdo it
Interesting Info From Q&A:
It’s challenging for the engines to identify tweets by people with small follower bases as authoritative.  In other words – get a lot of followers and make sure there is a lot of activity between you and your followers.Authority tweeters don’t have to tweet as often to be heard/seen in real time results.
If you feel you have been removed from Real Time results unjustly, contact Ivan at Yahoo to get reincluded.

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    I’m glad one of us made it to SMX. I live-blogged several sessions from OMS/SES Forum last week. You’re my hero for capturing sessions from this week – keep it up!


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