SearchEngineland just published my preview of the data I’ll be sharing at SMX East later this week in the Deconstructing Pigeon Panel. The post Real Client Data On How Google’s Pigeon Update Affected Real Estate SEO, shows what we saw across 24 local real estate agent websites immediately after Pigeon and in the month that followed.

Here’s a shot of the aggregated Google impressions for these sites from the GWT Search Queries report:


At SMX East I’ll also be sharing data on a couple of other verticals as well as on 20 local directory sites, which were supposed to be the big beneficiaries of the reduction of local packs in the SERPs.

I’ll post the slides of my SMX presentation at the time of the panel so those who can’t make it to NYC can check it out.

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  • Linda Buquet  September 29, 2014 at 7:57 am

    Thanks Andrew for the head’s up. Looking forward to it.

    I won’t be there, but will be covering the event from here and sharing any tidbits I can pick up from social, so will try to share your deck too.