Radio Ink Magazine Conference Is Getting Local SEO

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by andrewsho

To all my traditional media readers out there I have just been invited to speak at the Radio Ink Convergence Conference on Feb 9.  I will be participating in the “Digital Radio Station Manager” panel with Brian Parsons of Triton Media.

For a long time search has been the playground of feisty web start ups and under-the-radar entrepreneurs. Today if you are a media company and you don’t have search in your DNA you are on your way to becoming toast.

I am going to cover how traditional media companies can use their insanely powerful brands online to help them attract high value search traffic that complements their core business.  In other words, how a local radio station website can start making money from search starting tomorrow.

As I mentioned in my seo predictions post, the weak economy is going to drive a lot of strong brands to start exploring aspects of their digital business that are not necessarily core to their business, but could become core if they figure out how to tame the beast that is search.


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