Every AI SEO Tool Mentioned At Pubcon Vegas 2024

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by Andrew Shotland

Pubcon Logo Now With AIAI was the big theme at this year’s Pubcon Vegas conference. A whopping 27 presentations had “AI” in their names, exposing attendees to a plethora of new AI tools to use for SEO.

As we all try to figure out how to build AI into our SEO processes, I thought it would be helpful to list them all here. Most of these tools have a freemium price plan, so check the sites for current pricing. Most tools also have “Enterprise” pricing so they can hammer you guys with decent budgets. You may want to turn cookies off when you visit these sites 😉


AI SEO Tool Description Cost Reviews Mentioned By
Aimclear LogoÅ Pronounced “Ohh” (sort of). AimClear’s proprietary AI content tool. In tests, was able to create and translate content with considerably fewer language errors than human translators. Ask Marty! Michael Bonfils compared it to commercial tools and cited 100% accuracy as evaluated by native speakers. It was 100% perfect! Marty Weintraub, AimClear
Ai image lab logoAI Image Lab Plugin Generate AI images in WordPress $9/month or $90/year Reviews Rob Garner
Rob Garner Consulting
ChatGPT-LogoChatGPT Come on. Really? $20-$25/month Reviews Pretty much everyone
claude-ai-iconClaude AI Claude is an Artificial Intelligence, trained by Anthropic using Constitutional AI to be safe, accurate, and secure — the best assistant for you to do your best work. $20/month Reviews AI SEOs who want to be “edgy”
contentatscale.ai logoCONTENTATSCALE.AI Enterprise level AI writer tool featuring a proprietary engine that scales, optimizes, and produces content to help your company scale. $1500/250K words Reviews Rob Garner
Rob Garner Consulting
Copy.ai logoCopy.ai AI marketing & sales OS. Automated briefs and content generation $36/month Reviews Someone
OpenAI-DALL-E logoDall-E DALL·E 2 is an AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language. https://openai.com/pricing Reviews I think everyone just likes saying “Dall-E”
dallery_gallery_logo_text_2x_blackDallery.Gallery Helpful articles on generating AI art with DALL·E and other tools. Free Reviews Eric Enge
Pilot Holding
Inlinks logoInLinks.com AI writing Assistant
Create content at scale without sacrificing quality. Generate a comprehensive content outline in minutes. Use our OpenAI integration to write ready-to-rank content in one click
Refine outputs, optimize for entities, and hit publish with confidence
$49-$196/month Reviews Dixon Jones
jasper ai logoJasper.ai Enterprise-grade AI tools to help marketing teams achieve both speed and performance. $39 -$59/month Reviews Everyone whose inbox has been hit by affiliate spam
jetpack ai logoJetPack AI WordPress AI content generator plugin $9.95-$24.95/month Reviews Rob Garner
Rob Garner Consulting
Lensa LogoLensa All-in-one AI image editing app $3.99/month-$19/year Reviews Hank Hoffmeier
Lumen5-logoLumen5 Automatically turn blog posts into videos or transform zoom recordings into captivating clips. $19-$149/month Reviews Kristopher Jones
LSEO (pretty good name!)
MakeAI-LogoMake AI systems and workflow builder $9-$29/month Reviews Mic King
Microsoft_365_Copilot_Icon.svgMicrosoft CoPilot/Bing Chat SkyNet wannabe Satya needs to hit them numbers! Reviews Fabrice Canel
MS Designer LogoMicrosoft Designer AI Images Free Reviews Will Scott
Search Influence
Midjourney LogoMidJourney AI Images $10-$120/month Reviews Creative types
MixerBox logoMixerBox Create personalized prompts for AI image generation. Free Reviews Eric Enge
Pilot Holding
Munch Extract the most engaging and impactful clips from your long-form videos $49-$220/month Reviews Kristopher Jones
LSEO (could use another vowel)
Neuroflash logoNeuroFlash AI text and image generator to generate the content in 7 different languages. €30-€300/month Reviews Michelle Dvorak
Nightshade AI Poison LogoNightShade AI poisoning. a tool that turns any image into a data sample that is unsuitable for model training. More precisely, Nightshade transforms images into “poison” samples, so that models training on them without consent will see their models learn unpredictable behaviors that deviate from expected norms, e.g. a prompt that asks for an image of a cow flying in space might instead get an image of a handbag floating in space. Free I love the whole idea of NightShade, but it’s more of a negative SEO AI tool than a positive one. Fuck SkyNet! Chris Boggs
Web Traffic Advisors
Peppercontent-logoPeppertype.ai Leverage the AI-powered platform to ideate, create, distribute, and measure your content and prove your content marketing ROI $25-$199/month Reviews Hank Hoffmeier
Perplexity AI LogoPerplexity.ai Perplexity is an alternative to traditional search engines, where you can directly pose your questions and receive concise, accurate answers backed up by a curated set of sources. It has a conversational interface, contextual awareness and personalization to learn your interests and preferences over time. $20/month or $200/year Reviews The so-called smart ones. Most likely to be wearing AllBirds.
Pica AI LogoPika.ai AI video generator $9.99/month or $39.99/year Reviews Trendy types. Their AllBirds most likely gathering dust.
Placid App logoPlacid App Use no-code automations + ChatGPT etc to automate AI tasks $19-$249/month Reviews Peter Leshaw
podcastle_ai_logoPodcastle.ai Podcastle empowers creators of all backgrounds and experience levels with an intuitive, AI-powered podcasting software $11.99 – $24.99/month Reviews Kristopher Jones
LSEO (maybe a “G”?)
prewriter-logoPreWriter.ai Generate writer-ready content within seconds. Give us almost anything: keyword or list, outline, article, URL, email, or just your thoughts. And we will give back content ready for your writers to finish.

The robust platform produces high-quality content. We even format PPT content and short video scripts. You can finally do more with less.

Ask Bruce! Ask Bruce! Bruce Clay
Promptitude LogoPromptitude.io Prompt management. Test, manage & improve your prompts in one place, then integrate with one simple API call. The “ChaptGPT alternative.” $39-$279/month Reviews Mic King
Runway ML LogoRunway AI video generator $12-$76/month Reviews Those in the know
Spincycle LogoSpinCycle AI Location Page Creation Tool by LSGSEO Ask Me! I think it’s kind of cool Me
Steve AI LogoSteve.ai AI Video generator that helps anyone to create live videos and animations in seconds. $15-$60/month Reviews Will Scott
Search Influence
Wave Video LogoWave.video All-in-one online video platform for creators of all levels. Edit, record, multi-stream, and host professional-looking videos with ease. $16-$48/month Reviews Will Scott
Search Influence
Wordlift logoWordLift Automate your SEO
by adding structured data to your website and building a custom Knowledge Graph. Get more organic traffic by making your content readable for search engines.
€49-€199/month Reviews Mic King
Zimmwriter LogoZimm Writer AI Content Writer for Windows $15 for 250,000 words Reviews Will Scott
Search Influence

If there are other AI SEO tools you recommend (or have built) and want them added, slide into my DMs or hit us up via the Contact form. I’ll make a non-Pubcon list too.

And of course, huge thanks to Brett Tabke for having me at Pubcon! Keep an eye on https://www.pubcon.com/ for upcoming conferences. There’s a reason why Pubcon has a special reputation in the biz as “the SEO conference for SEOs.”


In response to this post, some of you have sent some more recommended AI SEO Tools. I am going to list them here and then probably build out a separate page later:

Spreadsheet Daddy: The most powerful AI tool for Google Sheets on the planet. Built for true scale. Safe for the enterprise. Unbeatable pricing model. Recommended by Max – The OG Spreadsheet Daddy

Dicer.ai: Dicer.ai is a performance marketing SaaS platform that helps clients optimize their ad creatives and campaign strategies to drive more conversions. Recommended by Peter LeShaw.


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