PND Digital Is An Awful Company πŸ‘Ž

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by andrewsho

If you are in the SEO world, you know I really don’t have to say anything more than that.

If you have received an unsolicited email from them trying to sell you SEO services and are researching who they are, get ready, because you will likely receive an endless amount of spam from them for the rest of your life, no matter what you do to try to get them to stop sending it.

And while I generally favor turning the other cheek, their lack of response when I have naively contacted them numerous times asking that they stop contacting us makes me think the only way to do this is to publish the email of their managing director, S N Chatterjee, and hope that some eager beaver sees it and turns the tables on them.

Better yet go to and grab all their email addresses.

Would be a shame if this post starts trending and ranks really well for searches for their name…


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