Pete Blackshaw of NM Incite at #C32011 has some interesting things to say about how organizations are approaching social media.  Here he is unfiltered:

Marketing & PR are embracing social CRM while Operations is being left behind, which shows Consumers start see two different brands.

Operations concerned about liability and metrics v. the “Let’s do it!” Marketing tactic.

There’s a gap between employee social profiles (happy employees) v. the contact form/CRM process you see on the company website/call center.

Nearly 75% of Brand Twitter Accounts doing customer service. Over 50% active in offhours/weekends.

Social Conversation = “Earned Media”  It may make sense to pull budget from Paid Media and invest in improving Earned Media elements.

Final Checklist to Close the Divide:

  • Is the look and feel of my feedback tool consistent with the language I’m using to promote my social media engagement?
  • What “service” expectations am I setting via Twitter & Facebook for my call center or consumer relations dept?
  • Have I invited the consumer affairs dept to participate in my social media engagement strategy discussion & strategy
  • How can I change my organizational structure to re-align marketing and customer service internal incentives?
  • What’s the cost and consequences of speaking two distinct conversational languages to consumers?

Smart players are putting feedback forms everywhere to encourage customer engagement which binds them to the brand.

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