Panos Bethanis of Directory M #ILM09

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by andrewsho

DirectoryM is a huge local search network that most people in the local search biz don’t know anything about.  Here’s waht Panos had to say:

It looks like DirectoryM takes in a lot of third party data to provide relevant content. They either crawl and suck it in or they have a deal with the partner to provide it.

The examples are a local newspaper that provides news around a topic like childcare in their city and a national vertical like ParentsConnect provides additional content.  For a local car search, Directory M pumps in content from Car & Driver and then grabbed data from a state car dealer association, state DMV, etc.

I like what DirectoryM is doing.  The problem with most IYPs is that they are very broad and therefore a mile wide and an inch deep in most categories.  By creating vertical-specific experiences with third-party content they are starting to provide an interesting user experience.

1/3rd of the Chamber of Commerces in the US gave DirectoryM their membership lists via a single email inquiry.  Data hounds fire up your email clients.


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